Why Do I Want to Find a Couple to Have a Threesome?


Monogamy is a socially recognized relationship between husband and wife, which fixes people and prevents people from exploring more sexual behaviors. In fact, if you investigate carefully, you will find that many couples are looking for a threesome relationship. It is not that the love between them has disappeared, but that the love between them is strong enough to allow them to explore another form of sexuality. If you and your partner want to go through a threesome, but are not sure where the impulse comes from, there are three reasons to convince you not to be afraid to join the threesome community.

This is a biological need

As human beings, most people are sexually related to more than one partner. For example, if a man wants to increase the survival rate of species, he needs to have a relationship with as many partners as possible. This is why some men deceive women in love, which is why they are not satisfied with a woman. And women have higher sexual needs and will also change their sexual partners. That’s why it’s commendable to have a couple of threesomes with a three ways because it ensures that the partner can explore different sensory experience while maintaining a relationship. Can strengthen the connection between partners.

Monotonous sex life

For couples, when sex has reached a point, sex may not be as passionate as before. Why? Either because of a couple’s monotony, or because they want to see what else can be stimulated outside. When the relationship between couples reaches such a level, it is a good idea to find a third partner for the couple to keep the flames from extinguishing, otherwise your relationship will be lost. However, before you look for a third partner, be sure to develop rules to follow, so that you won’t get yourself stuck.

About exploration

Why do the tinder for threesomes ideas make you so excited? It is because you want to explore. Maybe your current partner is the first partner you have ever had. Maybe you have never been with other partners. Now, you still love your partner, but at the same time you want to be able to work with your partner while exploring more experience. In other words, you want a realm of the best of both worlds. Then, the threesome is what you are looking for. Threesome relationship, can help you enjoy a different sexual experience with your partner.

Don’t let monogamous social rules bind your feelings, prevent you from exploring and looking for different sexual experience. Find the best tinder for threesome dating sites, work with your partner to find a third person for you, and explore the new sexual experience that the threesome brings to you. Love and sex are two different things. You can love your partner and have a threesome. As long as you know when you should stop, what is the limit. Bringing a three way experience to your relationship can enhance your relationship.


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