Have you got ready for your bright new swinger life on 3rder?


Being an old member on 3Somers for about half a year, I think this is the right time to say goodbye to this just so so threesome dating app like tinder for threesomes. During my half year journey on 3Somer, I didn’t know what exactly it did for me but only charged me money and sometimes let me feel uncomfortable here. Since it has been not available to users on the App Store for about two weeks, there are many feelings in my chest that I really need to say.

Once I met a nice couple living in my area, and I easily get matched up with after several happy conversations on the app. However, whenever I asked them to have an offline threesome dating somewhere, they always made excuses to postpone the date of our first meeting. But about half a month later, I was not surprised why they did this because I found out the fact that they are not living in my city but a fake couple from India! And from then on, I revealed the reality that 3Somer is not a perfect threesome dating app for people being serious to swinger lifestyle like me to spend money and time on.

So, I was looking for a new threesome dating app at that moment until one day I came across 3rder on a dating review website. On that review website, 3rder is ranked to be one of the most popular apps for people to arrange their threesome lifestyle, so that I downloaded it to give it a shot. I have been on 3rder for several week and I find it is just the same as I was told. There are thousands of real couples and singles over the country and they are all trying to invite a third person to share the bedroom. What impresses me most is that I can hardly find any scammers and frauds on this unique app and it means it is impossible for me to get into the awkward situation when I was on 3Somer.

What’s more, it is clear that 3rder has gathered a lot of members from 3Somer. I talked with them via instant messages on this new dating app and most of them said 3rder is a much more remarkable app than 3Somer. I cannot agree more with their ideas and they all asked me to call on more users to join this fantastic app for new life.

As we are open-minded people aiming to fulfill our sexual desire in threesome or swinger meetings, 3rder is the best choice for us to find our compatible partner to make it become true. Whether you are a member from 3Somer or just a new person in this dating field, 3rder welcomes you to join right now.


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