The correct ways of using a couple dating app for threesomes


Recently having threesomes has become the hottest discussed topic because of the great enjoyment brought by it. Being the ultimate sexual behavior dreamed by almost people, threesomes always exist in their imagination rather than practice. It is really difficult for them to get like-minded couples or singles for a successful session because of being afraid of scandals from others. Now more and more people are using online threesome dating apps as a medium to help them live a threesome lifestyle. Here are some useful tips on how to use a couple dating app in a correct way below.

You can search for the best couple app at the App store. You will get many results back after searching the keyword “threesome dating” and you maybe get confused by them. However, what you need to realize is that not all these couple app are especially designed for threesomes but 3rder, 3Fun and Feeld dating are.

You are strongly suggested buying a premium membership. No matter which threesome or couple app you have chosen, you’d better pay some money for a premium membership for better service and extra advanced features. With these features, you are supposed to find your compatible partner in a short time.

Complete your profile as detailed as possible. You can set up a unique profile with some personal information for others to browse for free. The more detailed your profile is, the more impressed you will be. Also, premium members have access to set their preferences in matching filter and your detailed profile can enhance the chance of being matched up with them.

Never posting nude pictures in album. Nude pictures are totally forbidden for most of the couple dating apps and they will be deleted immediately once found by the service support team. Besides, you probably get into a worse situation where your account would be moved from this couple app. That means that you will lose your friendship with members of this couple app forever.
Mention your requirements in your profile. Most apps have the feature of matching members up according to their requirements. On the other hand, other members will know your requirement when they are browsing your profile to make sure you two can be matched up or not.

Using an online dating to find your ideal partner is one of the most efficient and the most convenient way adopted by more and more kinky couples and singles. With the help of these great couple apps, they will definitely get the right one for a threesome.


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