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Last week, a friend of mine and his wife told me that they want to add some extra fun to their life because they feel so boring when they stay at home in the night. They believe living a swinger lifestyle is a good idea but they don’t know how to make a good start. Since they know I have been in a threesome relationship with a couple for a long time, they came to me asking some advice. Undoubtedly, I have kept a long-term with my partner but it is also true that sometimes we do encounter difficulties.

It was about half a year before, I met them on the best tinder for threesome app called 3rder and this swingers app is really a fantastic social network for people like us. It is not only an online dating app but also a community about threeway. I can upload my favorite pictures to my album and these pictures helped me find my current partner. To be honest, I didn’t respect to find an interesting couple in a short time because I didn’t know how this threesome app works for us. But it indeed surprised me a lot after I got a lot of messages saying hello only because I improved my personal profile with some more photos.

Actually, I was in trouble since my partner told me they want to find a new partner and this happened only a few days ago. I had no choice but to try to find a new threesome couple, just like what I have done here half a year before. After creating a new account, I spend only a few minutes to complete my profile as detailed as possible, because I want others to have a way to know me better. If they don’t know what a person I am, I don’t think they would be willing to send me a message, let alone to invite me to their bedroom for 3way fun.

In some ways, 3rder can be said to be an exclusive tinder app for those new comers because it is quite easy and user friendly. I told my friend that they don’t have to pay this app until they get familiar to it and know how 3rder helps people connect with each other. Besides, they should spend some time on those tips listed on the official website of 3rder which can give them a lot of help. Even though I don’t suggest them to upgrade the membership in a hurry, I do suggest them to buy a subscription plan because they will find 3rder is totally worth the money. I hope every single person and married couple can find own threesome partners on 3rder, and I think it is time to give a reply to my new partner now.


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