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We are a middle-aged couple who have been married for about 9 years and in recent year we constantly had some problems in our sex life as my husband found his sexual function was not what it used to be. However, it seemed that my sexual desire was as strong, even a little stronger, as it was when I was young. Therefore, I often found reasons to quarrel with my husband and this situation lasted a long time until my husband came out a great idea that solved the problem between us.

It was about two years ago when my husband said he wanted to have a chat with me about our sex life because we hadn’t had a good one for a long period. He told me that he had been learning about threesomes recently and he promised me having a threesome maybe is the solution to our problem.

To be honest, I was skeptical of my husband’s idea at the beginning. For the first reason, I didn’t want to be treated as a loose woman and secondly, I knew nothing about threesomes. To dispel my doubts, my husband searched for a lot of threesome dating websites for me to browse and he invited me to watch adult videos about threesomes. Frankly speaking, I had never seen such videos before, and I was deeply attracted by them. After we reached an agreement on trying out a threesome to see if it can work for us, another problem came to us which is how and where to find our compatible partner.

But we soon find a way to deal with this problem. My husband browsed a threesome dating website that recommended an online tinder for threesomes called 3rder. Then we downloaded it immediately to our phone since we didn’t seem to have anything else to do at that time. We didn’t take much time to create our couple account and finished all the required information to our profile as much as possible. When we logged in for the first time, there were a lot of couples and single people saying hello to us which made us totally surprised.

Within just on month, we had met a large number of like-minded people thanks to our detailed profile and those powerful search features provided by 3rder. We began out fantastic threesome dating trip on this app and we successfully arranged our first dating with a handsome young man. Oddly enough, my husband and I become closer and closer since that dating and now we have kept this lifestyle for about two years. I wish all couples could come to 3rder for help if they have some interests in finding more fun to spice up the boring life.


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