3rder Is Different from other Similar Tinder Apps


In the threesome dating market, there seems to be more and more tinder dating apps start emerging to offer services to users. But it is clear that not every app can perform as well as 3rder – a remarkable tinder for threesomes app that has been working for several years. It was only an obscure app when 3rder made its first launch in 2015 and now it has become one of the most prevalent apps among users.

3rder’s great features and simple navigation make itself highlight from other dating apps. There are a lot of people joining this app for what they want every day and this number has been still in a great growth from the beginning of this year. Maybe 3rder doesn’t have the biggest number of users, but it has the highest percentage of active users among all similar apps. Such a high percentage of active users means that every user has many chances to meet real people across the country or even other places around the world.

This app itself is a user friendly and easy app. For newcomers who have never used any online three way dating apps before, there is no need for them to take a lot of time learning how to handle this app. thanks to the clear layout and beautiful interface, users can go to anywhere they want so that they are able to get different potential matches quickly and conveniently.

Whenever a newcomer submits the personal profile, 3rder app will move this new profile to a special section called Newbie where old users can know this new user the first time. If some users are interested with this newcomer, they can check the profile and have the right to send messages to get connection with each other. We can say that every new user has a great way to meet others even if they don’t do anything else here.

If you have registered your own account, you are allowed to look around to find out if this app is the exact one you are looking for. You are assured to meet over 60 recommended matches each day through the powerful match system and you can browse all the profiles for free. Quick matches, instant messages, moments and nearby users are customized dating features for people who are interested in threesomes. With these great tools, you don’t have to worry about finding the right partner.

Unlike other apps, 3rder always devotes itself to providing the greatest dating platform for users all the time. To achieve this goal, the development team constantly optimized the app to ensure it would run smoothly and stably under any situation. Recently, it released a new version and introduced a few new features to users. We have reason to believe that the app will get better and better to meet the different demands of all users.


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